April 19, 2020

6 Proven Tips to Create Evergreen Content

Content marketing is one of the best and most powerful marketing tools out there. And, when it comes to content creation, the sky is the limit. However, different target audiences enjoy different pieces of content, and the key is finding what your target audience cares about.

Still, if you want to ensure people read your content in the long run, you've got to start creating evergreen content. This is the type of content that is relevant today and will be relevant in the years to come.

Here are 6 proven tips to help you create evergreen content.

Topic Research

First things first, you need to focus on finding the topics that qualify as evergreen. Depending on your niche and industry, you’ll have to brainstorm and make a list of these topics.

Make sure you chose topics that are:

  • not tied to a date: holidays, political events, social events
  • always relevant
  • common knowledge

For example, if your blog is about baby supplies, which of the following topics would you think qualifies as an evergreen:

  • How to Put Together a Baby Stroller?
  • How to Celebrate This Mother’s Day with a Newborn?

The first one is relevant regardless of the time of year, the season, or even the century. It’s always relevant.

Informative & Trustworthy

In order to make a piece of content evergreen, you need to ensure it’s of high quality. People don’t want to read something that is poorly written or not backed up with facts.

This means that evergreen content needs to provide:

  • accurate information
  • reliable facts

To make this happen, pay attention to the resources you’re using while doing the research for the topic. Use these best essay writing websites, for example, to transfer the information in a suitable form.

Rely on resources such as:

  • credible magazines
  • scholarly articles
  • studies and researches

This way, you'll know you're sharing trustworthy information, and your readers will appreciate that.

How-To Blog Posts & Tutorials

The best type of evergreen content is definitely the how-to blog posts and tutorials. This type of content lasts forever and here's why:

  • they’re educational
  • they provide practical tips
  • they provide solutions that people always need

Just think about the following headline:

  • How to Separate Whites from Yolks the Easy Way

Eggs have been an essential part of our diets for centuries, and they’ll remain so for centuries to come. This topic is therefore evergreen.

You can also create a tutorial that covers the basic steps of a process:

  • A Step-by-Step Guide for Redecorating Your Bedroom

Just ask yourself this question: Will this still matter two years from now? What about five?


Lists are another great type of content that can work perfectly as evergreen. In addition, people love reading lists, since they’re:

  • easy to digest
  • easy to scan
  • practical

There’s another great thing about using lists as evergreen content. They’re easy to update, which means you can add or extract something from your list each year, and continue making it relevant.

Here’s an example:

  • the article topic is “14 Foods That Boost Your Immunity”
  • you choose 14 most relevant foods at the moment
  • as times change, so do food preferences
  • you can edit your list, add some newly popular foods and remove those that aren’t as popular as they used to be

By using your SEO knowledge and keyword research skills, you'll be able to easily update your lists and keep them relevant and evergreen.

Strong Visuals

If you want your content to become evergreen, you have to make it memorable. And visuals are the best way to ensure people remember your content.

Quality visuals include:

Create visuals that support your content and make it come to life in the eyes of the readers. This will help your readers remember your content and remember your blog, making your content evergreen.

Leona Henryson is a freelance writer and UX designer. You can check this review of Topessaywriting to see an example of her work. Also, she is a contributing writer for various blogs about design and marketing. When she is not writing or designing, Leona is trying to balance her many hobbies.

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