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What is the Best Way to Add Structured Data to a Web Page?

By ali
12 months ago

Designing and building a webpage can be complicated. Structured data is when data is organized in a format in the database, specifically Google’s massive one, that makes it easier to process and analyze. This leads to a question that is frequently raised; is it possible to insert structured data at the bottom of the <body> tag instead of at the <head>?

JSON-ld is structured data that Google uses to read a webpage. Other data that can be similarly utilized is RDFa and Microdata.

The main difference between them is that both RDFa and Microdata use HTML attributes to nest data on the page, while JSON-ld is a JavaScript notation that can be embedded in a script tag. It can be implemented in both the head or body of the HTML document.

So, the answer to the question is yes; the JSON-ld structured data can be placed in either the head or the body of a web page.

Watch this short video from Google Webmasters for a quick overview of how to add structured data towards gaining knowledge graph elements in Search:

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