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FAQs About SEO

What is SEO? Why does ranking in top Search positions matter?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s also Internet-speak for getting your website on the first page of Google, where users are most likely to click-through to pages.

It is especially important to rank in the top spots for a greater share of the traffic for each keyword that matters to your site. For example, it would get an estimated 43.2% click-through rate (CTR); if it ranks #2, that figure would be 30.7% CTR; if it ranks fifth, 15.1% CTR, and so on.
What is an SEO Site Audit?
An SEO Audit, also referred to as an SEO Analysis, is a website check-up that uncovers issues and provides recommendations to help you improve your website’s discoverability and visibility in search engines. They always include actionable next steps, and should be prioritized in a specific manner related to impact and effort.
What are some key SEO activities?
Key SEO activities involves ensuring proper structure, quality content development, targetted and high-intent keyword research, as well as both on-page and off-page tactics that work towards boosting your keyword coverage and ranking, among other benefits.
What is Running SEO?
Running SEO, created by Key Medium in late 2017, provides a free SEO analyzer to help you identify your website’s issues for free and with ease. Use our free SEO checker that can help improve your Google Search rankings.

Not just that, but we also provide a resource-packed SEO Academy which features SEO best practice, free SEO ebooks, and so much more if you want to level-up your SEO skills in a do-it-yourself manner.

If you need help, we also list top SEO companies, as well as top web design companies.
Should I handle SEO myself or hire someone to do it for me?
Always changing and somewhat complex, SEO is a time commitment for you or a member of your team. If you have the time and interest, try it! Use the resources provided by Running SEO to get started with a free SEO check. If you’d rather leave it to an expert, hiring someone to handle SEO is a lot more affordable than you think. Get a free, no obligation quote for SEO or web design today.
What about local SEO?
Local SEO helps small companies take on big brands and large companies reach engaged customers. Improving your local SEO standing could boost your company revenue by up to 20%. Leveraging local SEO isn’t hard to achieve when you align your local SEO strategy with your business objectives. Learn more about Local SEO.
What does a professional SEO company do and how can I get a more detailed, professional SEO audit?
A professional SEO firm conducts a thorough technical website and SEO audit and walks you through recommendations to develop an action plan customized to your business goals, needs, and budget. You can hire a professional SEO firm to conduct an SEO audit at any time and in any capacity.

We hope Running SEO can help you gain a better understanding of how SEO done right can chart the growth of your business today and in the future. To learn even more, check out our SEO Academy online or drop us a line for a free website and SEO consultation.
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