April 17, 2023

Google Search Console Insights: Tips and Achievements

Find a desirable idea.

Search queries can be a good source of inspiration for what to create and how to enrich your new/existing content. Queries can help you identify which questions and informational needs people have, for instance:

  • Search for a topic or a question that interests you on Google, then check the 'people also asked' and 'related searches' sections to get additional related ideas.
  • Check out your site's top and trending queries in Search Console Insights and consider creating more related content.
  • Use Google Trends to identify what people are searching for in the context of a topic/query that interests you.

Create good content.

Once you identify a desirable idea that could interest enough people, try searching for it on Google to take inspiration from existing content. You can create something valuable and exciting for your audiences by innovating and improving on it.

Having an engaging page title relevant to the content and how your audiences might search for it on Google is also essential. You can read more tips in our SEO starter guide and helpful content guide.

Help people discover your content.

Once you have created a good piece of content, consider helping relevant audiences discover it by putting it out there in front of them, for instance:

  • Share links to your new content where your potential audiences can be found, such as on social media, groups, and articles on other websites and forums.
  • When relevant, link your site's most popular content to your new content to help readers discover it.

Create modern looking & visually appealing content

Ensure the content's presentation looks modern and inviting and the texts can be easily read on mobile devices. Visuals can be powerful, such as large high-quality images and videos.

Note that these tips are directly from Google Search Console Insights, and pertains to an agency website that I am working to optimize and improve. Google's process analyzes your site's data as far back as 2019, depending on when your Google Search Console property was verified. They then identify the most relevant 'in progress' achievement based on the amount of clicks your site got from Google Search. And while this experience is custom created for improving one of my websites, it can also help you crush your next as achievement in SEO from Google.

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