January 16, 2020

Your Game Plan to Combat Spam

According to Google, 63,000 searches are processed in its search engine (from mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and computers) per second. Up to 50% of mobile inquiries have a local target. So, you can’t afford for your business to fall behind to scam, illegitimate, or duplicate business listings. Here’s the dilemma: you already work a hundred hours a week growing and attending to your business. Plus, you’ve got a family to take care of; and it would be nice to get a few hours of sleep here and there. So, you don’t have free days (or free time for that matter) to research and report fake listings. Furthermore, you’re not even sure where to start. We’ve got great news for you: We perform running SEO procedures for you to ensure your ranking moves where it belongs-the top!

We understand that although you may not have the time to do this, you will find a way to do it yourself anyhow. After all, this is your “baby.” We get it! That’s why we’re sharing our checklist with you on how to combat spam by reporting spam business listings.

1. Search the business you want to rank for and click the “more businesses” link in the local pack to activate local listings.

2. Create a spreadsheet (or modify one already created by a trusted source) that includes the name, phone number, address of your business, and every competitor business that ranks above your business ranking in the Google results pages.

3.  Identify obvious spam (aka Google my Business suspensions). The methods to identify spam business listings are to perform a street-view search of every business that is higher ranking than your business; notate any businesses that share the same address or phone number, or that have similar names, and call each higher-ranking business to ensure it has a working number and valid address.

4.  Visit various websites ranking in the local listings--as it relates to your business or industry.

5. Highlight spam businesses. This process involves identifying potential businesses that are unethically or irrelevantly listed.

6. Report the spam business by completing the Google Business Redress Complaint form. This form is completed by following these steps: (1) Click “suggest an edit” underneath the business listing; (2) Click “choose to edit or remove” and then provide the details (example selecting name change or other details for a duplicate or incorrect name, or selecting remove this place for an unreachable listing; (3) Note the action undertaken for each spam listing (such as out of service phone number, spam name, or duplicate listing); (4) Send

7. Record your findings.

Don’t feel bad if this seems like a lot. It’s a lot for Google to manage, too! Its support team is extremely backlogged in investigating spam and legitimate business suspensions and reinstatements for innocent, legitimate businesses marked as spam. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating a Google my business wrongful suspension reinstatement; it could take up to one month for your business to get reinstated. That is an extreme loss to your business and the reputation you have worked so hard to build. Delegate to us. Let us protect you so you can protect your business.


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