January 27, 2020

Top Press Release Distribution Services and How it Impacts Your Brand

Press release distribution services are essential for every business, as there are a number of benefits that they offer. Press distribution services, also known as news wires, are used to syndicate stories onto various sites, as well as to provide results to clients. These tools are also used to determine the outcome by tracking metrics.

Press release distribution services help businesses evaluate their content and how the various types of content influence consumers in areas such as product and brand awareness and affability. This knowledge is important in order to provide the business’ target market with relevant, useful, and well-received content.

These services provide an evaluation for businesses so that the content which is most desired by the target market is known. This is useful to ensure that the outcome forecast is utilized and that the top-performing, expert content is circulated while underperforming content is phased out.

Businesses will not have to spend their time, effort, and finances on producing content that does not increase visibility, bring in leads and gain conversions. Instead, time and money can be spent on crafting the most preferred content that will provide the highest return on investment.

Top Three Benefits of Press Release Distribution Services

There are three top areas that are positively and directly impacted when a brand uses press release distribution services.

  • Affinity

When utilizing this tool in business, the affinity, also known as the likeability, increases. This is because it allows businesses to see what types of content are most preferred, which leads to the brand mainly providing the valued content.

By distributing and promoting the content most preferred by the target market, the business is essentially offering their audience something that it wants. By regularly giving consumers what they prefer, the brand increases its’ affinity.

  • Sentiment

Press release distribution services allow a brand to truly understand the sentiment of their target audience. Understanding the sentiment allows the brand to determine whether or not their message is being received properly by their market and what the impact of the message is.

When a business knows how their message is being perceived, they have the ability to either further promote that message or change it. This is a huge benefit for the business because by providing their target market with content that delivers a well-received message that offers a point of connection, the business is creating content that will be impactful and increase their likeability. Essentially, it takes the guesswork out of content creation so businesses no longer have to take a shot in the dark.

  • Position

Businesses who use PR distribution find themselves with a higher position due to increased visibility and an expanded reach. Their top-performing content will draw in a larger audience and be shared throughout the web, it will increase traffic to their website and give them a higher SEO ranking.

Top Press Release Distribution Service Providers

You want to use PR distribution services for your business. Make sure you hire one of the best providers to ensure the best results. Here are a few of the top PR distribution services providers:

1. Business Wire

With Business Wire, businesses are able to reach their disclosure and press release goals, increase their visibility, track results, and provide the best content.

2. Newswire

Newswire allows businesses to distribute their news to both traditional and digital media, launch their campaigns, and track their campaigns’ efficiency and effectiveness.

3. PR Underground

This provides the ability to distribute to Google News, Digital Journal, and over 80 more syndicated web and tv sites, as well as social media. Affordable and pay per use, this is a great option for businesses who want the utmost visibility.

4. PitchEngine

PitchEngine provides simple and effective marketing software that allows businesses to offer the best content to the top platforms.

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