Site speed checks in Google Search Console for mobile and desktop speeds

At Google I/O, Google announced that they’re testing a new Speed Report powered off CrUX data within Google Search Console.…

By ali
4 months ago

At Google I/O, Google announced that they’re testing a new Speed Report powered off CrUX data within Google Search Console. Basically what this new report will accomplish is to give you an aggregated view of your website filed metrics. This is incredibly useful considering that you’ll be able to drill down into specific issues, even allowing you to see examples of the issues in both mobile–first, along with desktop (emphasis on mobile).

The new speed report is currently in beta so if you use Google Search Console it’ll be available to you based on a sampling from Google Chrome’s User Experience report. Google states: “Data for the Speed report comes from the Chrome User Experience Report. This reflects actual usage data on your site from users around the world.” More here.

How does site speed affect SEO?

If you know about SEO then I’m sure you already realize just how important the length of time for a page loading is. Everything is important to ensure that the user experience is nothing but perfect for SEO, even when it comes to page loading.

For every minute that your consumers are sitting there, waiting for the page to load, noticing the delay and overall seeing the speed of the page loading, is ultimately losing you money.

How many times have you tried to load a page, only to leave when it takes too long? When you have consumers leaving your site because your page is taking too long to load then you’ll lose money.

The attention span of humans isn’t long to start with, let alone on a busy day when they have things to get done and instead have to sit and watch a page load. The frustration grows, and this often results in leaving a bad mark on a brand.

Believe us when we say that site speed is crucial when it comes to SEO.

How we can help.

We have a free SEO checker that can make all the difference for you. Key Medium/Running SEO keeps up with all the new and current changes and you want to too.

We have helped businesses set up with Google Search Console and are always happy to consult about site speed and other SEO issues that may arise. Trust us when we tell you that with our help you’ll have all the SEO help you need. Get in touch for a free website optimization quote here.


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