February 7, 2020

Six Ways Design Can Improve Content Online

Web design can often be so eye-appealing in 2020 yet some can be a terrible experience, even if the contents are actually rooted in solid thinking and have a good supporting theory which appeals to us as we scour the web for content to read about something we are interested in, such as user experience, web design, SEO, travel, and "green" beauty products.

Lots of businesses struggle to hold the attention span of readers despite the high-quality content that they’re putting out for their readers. Design is one advantage that businesses can use to improve their content online in 2020.

Here’s a list of the top six ways that design can improve content online in 2020.

  1. Visuals. Scientists have discovered that when in comparison to remembering text, people remember visuals far better. This means that you should take full advantage of these visuals, utilizing design to the utmost. If you plan on posting designs of your product packaging on your social media then you should ensure that you have only the greatest designs on the side of the packaging. This will not only help your products to stand out, but it will also be great visually for your social media.
  2. Utilize limited space. Good design will be able to utilize limited space to the utmost when necessary. People almost always use mobile to look at social media, causing difficulty to occur when communicating with followers because image sizes are usually smaller on social media. Good design will be able to still boost interaction and produce good content with limited space.
  3. Build trust. Your customers want to see the real and honest company behind the website and design is the perfect way to do exactly that. Using designs you can build trust and show your customers that there are real people behind your company. This can be done by showing real and authentic designs to your customers.
  4. Emotional connection. Sure, you’ve heard it before; you want to grab the attention of people. And, of course, flashy and funny designs will work but you also want the emotional connection with your customers. Your designs should do more than just gain one like from a follower - they should rope them in and encourage them to think and search further into your business. 
  5. Memorable. Attention spans are short and when it comes to online content it’s crucial that your content not only stands out but leaves an impression. To get attention from customers is one thing, but to hold their interest is another. Designs can help to make your brand, social media and overall business more memorable.
  6. Sharing. Want to be one of the rare ads that consumers share with their friends? Design can help with that. If you manage to design the right ad with all the right features then you’ll have consumers not only clicking on it but sharing it with friends. Even if they aren’t interested in what you’re selling, sometimes consumers will share a post with friends simply for the fact that they find the content entertaining or interesting.

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