September 12, 2019

It's All About Relationships: "Social" is Not Just a Channel or Strategy

The Social Relationship:

The internet is a great way to connect people. When it comes to businesses and marketing, it can be easy to focus on the strategy side of things and miss the fact that you can use social accounts to glean valuable information about your audience.

Yes, social analytics are great. They give you the ability to track the impact of your social reach. With them, you can identify high-value networks and content, track on-site and off-site user interaction with your content, and ultimately look back to see how all that is benefiting you, revenue-wise.

We see your social reach as four branches, with your social channels as the tree trunk.

  • Sources and Pages: See where people are coming from and where they are visiting on your site. You can find the communities where people are engaging with your content and then target them. Once you know where your traffic is coming from, you know more about them. Learning about each community enables you to boost your best performing content on each network.
  • Conversions: By tracking users' behavior, you can see your on-site user engagement, conversions, and e-commerce transactions. Knowing the success of your social campaigns allows you to align all your business with your target audience. That means less time and money wasted on fruitless or failed campaigns. You can find what network reaches your audience and resonates the best with them.
  • Social Plugins: See your user engagement and track it. The social plug-in analysis allows you to see where users click on your site and what they share the most. This gives you a good overview of where your content is going and where it is being shared on social channels.
  • Social Users Flow: You can easily track not only where your users are coming from, but where they go on your site and the highest traffic times. You are learning about your audience, and that is the key to creating good marketing campaigns.

When you look into each of these areas, you find that by focusing on each one, you are causing your tree to grow and expand.

Social media is not just an efficient channel to learn more about your customers and gather data; it’s also an effective way to communicate about your mission and company brand.

It’s a way to not only make sales, but to build lasting relationships with your customers.


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