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Brave: the best browser by the Founder of JavaScript and Mozilla

By ali
9 months ago

An Introduction to Brave: the fastest, safest browser in the world

Running SEO has been providing free tools to better help over 5,000 webmasters improve their sites. While making this content and our audit tool completely ad-free and at no-charge, we ask that you take a look at the Brave Browser to support us.

Brave is developed by Brave Software, which was founded on 28 May 2015, by CEO Brendan Eich and CTO Brian Bondy who also founded JavaScript and Mozilla.

Brave is the latest, fastest, and most secure browser in the history of the internet by many measures and it also includes a super cool component--Basic Attention Tokens. Yes, you get paid in cryptocurrency for your attention! If you download the browser, please do use our link here so we get some crypto as well to support our free content and SEO audit tools!

Free download to the Brave Browser. You can also earn cryptocurrency just for browsing the web as well as block ads without the Ad Block extension.

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