Social media has become much more than just a place to find out what your friends are up to. While people continue to share updates and photos, businesses are taking interaction to the next level using artificial intelligence.

Does artificial intelligence leave you wondering if customers will feel that you’re, well, robotic? That’s not the case for most people today. In fact, as Millennials hit their mid-30’s and Generation Z comes up behind them, the number of people who are more comfortable with technology than face-to-face interaction continues to grow.

How can you take advantage of AI to make your social media presence better? Here’s what you need to know.

Chatbots Are Hitting the Mainstream

Just a couple of years ago, companies that used chatbots on social media were considered cutting edge. Today, they are more accessible and common than ever.

The biggest advantage of this technology is the ability to answer customer questions instantly in natural language. People love to have 24/7 access to your company, but you don’t need 24/7 staffing to accomplish it.

Instead, create a chatbot easily on Facebook Messenger or using software to install a chatbot on your website. You can use them to offer your audience answers to common questions or to create a personalized experience on your social media page.

Chatbots have the ability to continue the conversation, as well. They can offer recommendations of content to read or watch, along with products or services the individual may be interested in. They are readily available to help with customer service as well.

Even better, you can reach new customers by tapping key demographics to find new people to talk to. Because chatbots can be integrated into multiple messaging applications at once, your reach is almost limitless.

AI Allow Greater Personalization Than Ever

Social media is no longer about connecting with the largest number of people possible. Instead, it’s about connecting with each person individually, as though you knew them one-on-one.

AI makes this possible. Big data gives you an enormous amount of information about your existing customers, and you can leverage this to connect with the same type of people on social media. Everything from social media ads to retargeting uses AI to find and connect with exactly the people you want to target.

With personalization, you can show different ads to different, very specific audiences. You can offer the product or service they are most likely to be interested in, rather than offering a broad generic ad to millions of people.

Wondering who your target audience really is? A professional digital marketing company in Toronto can help you look through your data and find the right people to focus on.

You Can Sift Through the Noise to Find Real Data

Determining whether a tweet that mentions your company came from a real person or a spambot
can be a challenge for your marketing team, but not for AI. Software can evaluate the sender and the source of the post to let you know whether it’s important or not.

If you want your team to focus on things that are worth their time, use AI to sort the noise from the real data. Does someone need customer service help or are they a sales lead responding to an ad? The right intelligence can help you route them to the correct department seamlessly.

Once upon a time, people had to call your company and navigate a complex phone tree before they could speak to the right employee. This was the only way you had of determining their intentions. Those days are long gone, thanks to AI. Now, you can route people easily based on intention and source.

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AI Can Recommend Social Media Content

What posts should you make online to get the maximum engagement? AI can tell you. Rather than having a person comb through endlessly-changing trends online, software can monitor all of that for you.

For instance, Post Intelligence created an app that tracks social trends and predicts the level of engagement of specific followers. It can also recommend content and even create social media posts for you.

Sound impersonal? Quite the opposite. With the right AI, users can see content targeted specifically to them and their interests. It makes social media even more engaging and shows that you’re a company who understands their needs. When people are ready to make a purchase, they’ll choose the companies they feel most connected to.

Stay on the Forefront of Digital Marketing

People react best to marketing that meets their specific individual needs. AI allows you to discover your ideal customers and speak to those needs 24/7, exactly when they arise. Your marketing will be more accessible and more targeted than ever.

You can’t afford to miss out on the huge strides AI is making. Take advantage of this new technology and start boosting your social media presence today.

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