Our Approach

Our take on the SEO industry is this; you need a customized and flexible campaign. No matter if we are talking about search engine optimization, paid advertising, or really any form of marketing; it need's to be flexible.

We offer flexibility through working with your goals and aligning our experience and background to achieve them.

By adding us to you and your teams marketing efforts, we will create a customized and flexible environment which can adjust to any project.

Meet the Team

Intrigued at all by what we offer? Meet the small (but growing) team behind RunningSEO.com and the services we offer.


SEO Strategist

Being experienced directly with a background in SEO, he is the the creative and executer of your deliberate SEO strategy.


Account Manager

Everyone needs some back up, and she is great with managing your account, ensuring you reach your goals, and everything in-between.


More to Come

We are expanding, more to come soon...

Like the team?

Like what you see here on RunningSEO? Well, maybe it's time to get your SEO in order and give us a call (or email). Don't be afraid, we wont bite!